ISCA International Speech Communication Association Tutorial and Research Workshop on Experimental Linguistics25-27 August 2008, Athens, Greece

This ISCA Workshop on Experimental Linguistics 2008 is a follow up to the ISCA Workshop on Experimental Linguistics, held in Athens, Greece, 25-27 August 2008. The Workshop aims to bring together professionals working with language in different settings and to promote discussion and exchange of ideas on approaches to the study of language. Main areas of concern will be: (1) the use of experimental methodologies for the production of linguistic knowledge, (2) the effects of different factors, such as lexical, prosodic and syntactic ones, as well as interactions between factors with reference to linguistic structures and the organisation of language (3) the relation between sound and meaning as a function of linguistic categories and structures. The Workshop will focus on experimental and interdisciplinary approaches with the ultimate objective of boosting international research and collaboration.

The following subjects and disciplines are related to the Workshop:

1. Cognitive Linguistics

2. Neurolinguistics

3. Speech Production

4. Speech Acoustics

5. Phonology

6. Morphology

7. Syntax

8. Prosody

9. Speech perception

10. Psycholinguistics

11. Pragmatics

12. Semantics

13. Discourse Linguistics

14. Language Pathology

15. Sociolinguistics

16. Language Education

17. Computational Linguistics

18. Language Technology

Submission of abstracts covering fundamental linguistic notions, such as segments, syllables, words, phrases and discourse units, are invited with reference to the aims of the Workshop.

The Workshop will contain a combination of plenary oral and poster sessions along with interdisciplinary panel discussions.

The program consists of a combination of oral sessions, poster sessions and panel discussions.

Preliminary programme timetable
Sunday 24 18-20 Welcome reception and registration
Monday 25 08-09 Registration
09-12 Morning sessions
12-14 Lunch
14-18 Afternoon sessions
Tuesday 26 09-12 Morning sessions
12-14 Lunch
14-18 Afternoon sessions
20.30 Workshop dinner
Wednesday 27 09-12 Morning sessions
12-14 Lunch
14-18 Afternoon sessions


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