Praat Manuals

a tutorial by Will Styler in English

a tutorial by Sidney Wood in English and Swedish

a tutorial by Pascal van Lieshout in English

More information about Praat you can get from Praat website.

R Manuals

An Introduction to R is based on the former “Notes on R”, gives an introduction to the language and how to use R for doing statistical analysis and graphics. [browse HTML | download PDF]

A draft of The R language definition documents the language per se. That is, the objects that it works on, and the details of the expression evaluation process, which are useful to know when programming R functions. [browse HTML | download PDF

Writing R Extensions covers how to create your own packages, write R help files, and the foreign language (C, C++, Fortran, …) interfaces. [browse HTML | download PDF]

R Data Import/Export describes the import and export facilities available either in R itself or via packages which are available from CRAN. [browse HTML | download PDF]

R Installation and Administration [browse HTML | download PDF]

R Internals: a guide to the internal structures of R and coding standards for the core team working on R itself. [browse HTML | download PDF]

The R Reference Index: contains all help files of the R standard and recommended packages in printable form. [download PDF, 8MB, approx. 3500 pages]

(More information on the cran website)


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